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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP)?

NEP 2020 is the 21st Century’s first education policy in India. The development of the creative potential of each student is emphasized in the National Education Policy 2020. Chanakya, Madhava, Patanjali, Panini and Thiruvalluvar. Also, read State of School Education in India .

When are the NCEES Principles & Practice of engineering exams 2020?

The October 2020 paper-and-pencil Principles & Practice of Engineering exams will be administered over two days: Thursday, Oct. 22, and Friday, Oct. 23. Exams usually offered once a year during the April administration will be offered in October. (Please visit NCEES website for information .)

How does the National Education Policy 2020 affect sedgs?

National Education Policy 2020 26 6.6. Data shows that certain geographical areas contain significantly larger proportions of SEDGs. Also, there are geographical locations that have been identified as Aspirational Districts which require special interventions for promoting their educational development.

What is the National Education Policy 2020 for language learning?

Extensive use of technology will be made for teaching and learning of different languages and to popularize language learning. National Education Policy 2020 14 4.13.

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