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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IR stand for?

Acronym Definition IR Infrared IR Iran IR International Relations IR Imposto de Renda (Brazil) 66 more rows ...

Why work with IR?

More than 1,000 organizations in over 60 countries rely on IR’s experience management solutions to optimize their business-critical systems. We provide insights, monitoring and support to keep payment hubs, unified communications ecosystems and contact centers running as they should. Our purpose is to create great when it matters most.

What is the history of IR?

Since IR started as a one-man operation in 1988, providing real-time, fault-tolerant management for business-critical computer systems and applications, things have changed a bit.

What does IR mean in cuneiform?

Ir language. Ir (cuneiform), a sign in cuneiform writing. Ingenieur, abbreviated as ir., an engineer's degree awarded by technical universities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Injured reserve list, a reserve list for professional teams to use if a player is injured and unable to play for an extended time.

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