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Frequently Asked Questions

How do worker drones survive on a post-apocalyptic exoplanet?

On a post-apocalyptic exoplanet, worker drones struggle to survive by hiding from rogue robots called Murder Drones. Uzi Doorman, a teenage Worker Drone meets a Murder Drone named N who mistakes her for another Murder Drone but later on she mistakenly leads him into her home causing havoc.

Are humans extinct in murder drones?

That humans are extinct or rare in the universe of Murder Drones has a similarity to the universe of Splatoon franchise by Nintendo. In Splatoon universe; there are no more humans, only the marine animal hybrids such as Inklings, Octolings, and other unnamed species. Referenced in SMG4: Mario Reacts to Spooky Memes but Dies half way through (2021)

What happens when a disassembly drone decides to keep a worker drone?

What happens when a Disassembly Drone decides to keep a worker drone as what is basically a pet, brings the worker drone to it's pod where she and her teammates reside... It's a joke fic of mine, originally just making a joke oneshot, but then decided to turn it slowly into a funny messed up universe of chaos and crazy humor. If you want...

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