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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MSDS stand for?

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. MSDS is an older format that should be replaced by SDS, which is an internationally standardized Safety Data Sheet. MSDS sheets contain basically the same information as SDS, but the language and organization of the information may be different.

What does MSDS stand for in insurance?

One way that consumers and workers are informed of the risks is by use of material safety data sheets. A material safety data sheet (or MSDS) is a document that provides workers with procedures for safely handling or working with a particular substance.

What does MSDS tell you?

n MSDS is a chemical fact sheet that tells you what a chemical can do to you and how to protect yourself. These fact sheets are usually 2-10 pages long. Sometimes they are very technical and hard to understand. The most important sections of the MSDS are: 1. Health Hazard Data — How can it make you sick? 2.

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