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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ukraine have a fighting chance against Russia?

Ukraine faces enormous military odds against Russia But Russia – and many experts – insist an armed invasion is not the intention. In this photo taken from video provided by the Russian Defense Ministry Press Service, a Russian armoured vehicle drives off a railway platform after arrival in Belarus on Wednesday [File: Russian Defense Ministry/AP]

Is Russia invading Ukraine?

Russia is "mirroring the fascism and tyranny of 70 years ago" in its invasion of Ukraine, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said. Speaking as Russia staged a military parade marking its defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two, he accused Russian generals ...

Did Russia bomb Ukraine?

Russian forces bombed a maternity and children's hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, on Wednesday, March 9. An Associated Press photo of emergency workers carrying a pregnant woman on a stretcher...

Does Ukraine still have Kyiv?

While Kyiv remains under Ukrainian control, its suburbs have increasingly seen indiscriminate Russian attacks. Ukrainian police officers help a woman fleeing as the artillery echoes nearby in...

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