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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoonMoon's real name?

MoonMoon (문문) is a South Korean singer. He first debuted as a member of the group Reservoir Daughters before making his solo debut on July 18, 2016 with the single "Moon, Moon." In November 2017, he signed with Starship Entertainment 's sub-label House of Music.

Where can I find Moon Moon?

The Moon can be seen in the daylit sky at any phase except for the new moon, when it’s invisible to us, and full moon, when it’s below the horizon during the day. The crescent through quarter phases are high in the sky during the day, but the daytime gibbous phases can be glimpsed only just before the Sun sets.

What is the origin of the Moon Moon meme?

The meme originated from a Tumblr post by a user named Kitchiki, a London-based animator, who shared a screengrab of a name generator offering “Your Wolf Name?” The only problem is that, if your initials happened to be P.W., then your wolf name is… Moon Moon, which, as Kitchiki pointed out in his post, is hilariously stupid.

Where did Moon Moon come from?

Moons come in many shapes, sizes, and types. A few have atmospheres and even hidden oceans beneath their surfaces. Most planetary moons probably formed from the discs of gas and dust circulating around planets in the early solar system, though some are "captured" objects that formed elsewhere and fell into orbit around larger worlds.

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