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Frequently Asked Questions

What can LX do for You?

We offer custom in- show integrations within LX programming that organically and seamlessly weaves brand messaging into show content. One-off specials or series that are dedicated to delivering brand messaging within highly entertaining and stylized programs. LX has full 360° capabilities. Our content travels.

What is lax known for?

LAX features for its extension, 3,500 acres (1,416 ha), and for its four parallel runways, being the largest international airport in the west coast. LAX Airport is the second busiest airport in the US. Los Angeles Airport is known as the premier “Gateway to the Pacific Rim” for its deep connections to Latin America and Asia specifically.

What is local X?

LX, or Local X, stands for the exponential possibilities of storytelling in our communities. We are redefining local news, focusing on the story rather than the headlines. We are passionate and engaged storytellers with a mission to inform and inspire.

What is LXTV?

LXTV is an Emmy award-winning production company for lifestyle and entertainment programming and is a division of NBCU Owned Television Stations. We develop high-quality, original content accessible across multiple platforms including on-air, digital, mobile, social, and out-of-home.

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