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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'Pinocchio' a live-action movie?

Link Copied! Tom Hanks as Geppetto in 'Pinocchio' on Disney+. Even taking it as a given that Disney’s animated classics will all receive live-action makeovers eventually, “Pinocchio” feels like an unnecessary exercise – a movie so flat that it never sparks to life, and barely feels as if it’s making the leap into a different medium.

Is the 2022 Pinocchio worth watching?

When Disney Plus first kicked off in 2019, one of its opening-day original films was the Lady and the Tramp remake, which is predictable, lifeless, and entirely unmemorable. The 2022 Pinocchio does have its unforgettable moments, but they stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Is Pinocchio on Disney plus?

Pinocchio isn’t the first Disney remake to be shunted straight to Disney Plus. ( Mulan debuted on the service’s premium tier.) Nor is it the first Robert Zemeckis film to skip theaters for streaming. (Coincidentally, his The Witches remake for HBO Max is the only other serious contender against Pinocchio for his worst film.)

Is Zemeckis's Pinocchio a live-action remake?

Zemeckis’s Pinocchio, now available to stream on Disney+, is a live-action remake, and a largely faithful one. But instead of capturing the old-school charm of the original, the new film looks as dead-eyed as one of Zemeckis’s motion-capture characters, as it recites the familiar fable of the puppet who wanted to be a boy.

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