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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to my Lightspeed restaurant?

To log in from a browser 1 Open an internet browser, and go to the Lightspeed Restaurant login page . 2 Enter your admin email and password. 3 Select Submit to log on to Restaurant Manager. More ...

What can I do with the Lightspeed app?

- Technicians can view repair order labor, clock in and out of jobs, and view job information directly from their mobile device without having to access a desktop computer. The Lightspeed app is only available to hosted LightspeedEVO customers.

What is the lightspeedevo app?

The LightspeedEVO app is a new convenient way of accessing your dealership information to help manage your business anywhere, anytime on your Android device. It provides a fast, intuitive, and secure mobile integration to the LightspeedEVO dealer management system.

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