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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play GMOD VR?

If you want to play in VR you need to have the vrmod module installed. It allows this addon to interface with SteamVR to access VR tracking, input, and display. It is not required for non-vr players or servers. This addon attempts to make stock gmod sandbox work in VR.

Is GMOD a game?

GMOD is the abbreviation used for the game known as Garry’s Mod. This game was named after its designer Garry Newman and is being developed by Facepunch Studios. The original concept for GMOD was created as part of another game called Half-Life 2.

Is there a lightsaber mod?

Available on Steam, the 'Jedi Alyx - Lightsaber Training' mod puts you in a custom map filled with headcrabs and zombies, and gives you three different lightsabers to choose from. One is your...

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