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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do in a lightning storm?

How thoughtful! Standing under a tree in a lightning storm sounds stupid, but in Space Engineers, it's actually the correct thing to do. Decoys are great, but if there's a tree within 400 meters of where the lightning is going to strike, it will always hit the tree first.

Is there Lightning in Deep Space?

No. Not in 'Deep Space' as it's commonly viewed, which is basically a whole lot of nothing. Lightning is effectively a large discharge of static electricity. With nothing around, there's nothing to build up a charge. Which is by no means to suggest Earth is the only place with large static discharges.

Can you hit a tree with a lightning rod in Space Engineers?

Yes, it will do enough damage to the tree to one-shot it, but if you're caught out in a thunderstorm in Space Engineers without a base nearby, the safest thing to do is get to a forest. Rule 4: Trees are the best lightning rods. What if you don't have any trees nearby?

What is the current solution for Lightning in space?

Current solution: SafeZones. Waiting for ksh to provide a proper lightning protection (Humankind has invented it in 1752, maybe SpaceEngineers will too some day.) Ok, sorry for late answer but I got news to share.

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