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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some effects of lightning?

Lightning damages the human body. It kills people directly close to trees or the ground. The kind of lightning that usually hits people is cloud to ground lightning. Lightning can affect all organs in the body. A lightning strike can give you cardiac arrest which is when your heart stops beating.

What is the source of lighting?

Sources of light are things or devices that produce light, and the two general sources are natural and artificial. The sun is Earth’s main source of natural light that releases its energy as heat and light. This light is known as white light, and it is what gives Earth daylight.

Why does lightning strike a lightning rod?

Lightning rods are thin metal rods attached to tall buildings or other buildings and are used to channel any lightning strikes down to the earth. This is so because they will be preferably struck by the lightning if it has to strike, they are metal and good conductors of charge in comparison to many other construction materials.

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