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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hurst lightning rod shifter work?

Designed for drag racing, the amazing Hurst Lightning Rod shifter lets drivers go through gears on their automatic transmissions one shift knob at a time. The one on the left is a normal PRND shifter, while the one on the far right shifts from first to second, and the one in the middle handles second to third.

How big are the gears on a Kilduff lightning rods?

Pull to get your gears like a lenco shifter. The body is 4.5" wide, 4" tall and 12" long. The levers are 7", 9",12" or 15" tall from the indicator plate to the top of the ball. No more buying reverse valve bodies, the Kilduff Lightning Rods do it for you.

How does the Lightning Rods system work?

The Lightning Rods system was set up to work like any ordinary automatic gear selector, more or less, with a conventional PRND shift pattern (as shown in the top photo). The difference was in the two additional levers: the far right lever and release button performed the 1-2 upshift, while the middle lever and button performed the 2-3 upshift.

What is the little shift knob on a Mercedes Benz called?

Yes, that little steel nub is a shift knob. This little shifter, found on the homologation special Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR, is used to select drive and reverse, while the paddles on the steering wheel control up- and downshifts while driving.

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