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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lightning Network (LN)?

Andreas Antonopoulos has referred to the Lightning Network as a second layer routing network. The payment channels allow participants to transfer money to each other without having to make all their transactions public on the blockchain. This is done by penalizing uncooperative participants.

Will the Lightning Network's integration with Cash App empower the creator economy?

The Lightning Network's integration into Cash App could also help to empower the growing creator economy, as fans could send bitcoin to show their support for an individual creator or cause if they accepted Lightning payments.

What's the deal with block's new Lightning Network Integration?

Now we're starting to see the results of Block's embrace of crypto, as this morning Cash App announced it's integrated with the Lightning Network, allowing its U.S. users to send bitcoin for free to anyone worldwide. The feature had been slowly rolling out to Cash App customers before today, but Cash App had not yet made a formal announcement.

What are the benefits of using the Lightning Network?

There are several claimed future benefits to using the Lightning Network compared to on-chain transactions: Atomic Swap: The atomic swap was first introduced by Tier Nolan on the BitcoinTalk forums in 2013.

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