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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to watch the lighthouse?

Stream The Lighthouse on Amazon Prime. Rent/buy The Lighthouse digitally on Amazon. Buy The Lighthouse on DVD/Blu-ray on Amazon. In the wake of a loved one’s death, a miniature artist (Toni Collette) and her family begin to experience a series of increasingly tragic and bizarre occurrences that threaten to tear them apart.

Is the lighthouse scary?

Not so much scary as it is graphic and disturbing, The Lighthouse is nevertheless a skillful, enveloping work, with two dedicated performances that are so physically and emotionally devastating that the actors must have been left completely drained.

What is the lighthouse about?

About Lighthouse Lighthouse is a management consulting firm, specializing in operations, technology, and M&A. With offices in Silicon Valley, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, Lighthouse has three main services groups – Operations and Infrastructure, Security and Compliance and M&A Support Services.

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