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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christian lighthouse?

Lighthouse is a Christian church in South Beach, Florida. Our mission is simple, yet God-sized: To make Jesus known & loved in South Beach! We desire to be a true “point of light” in a community often portrayed on television and the silver screen as a dark place of “vice” and decadence. No doubt, South Beach is one of...

What is a Lighthouse Ministry?

​Lighthouse Ministry International is a ministry that exists to glorify God by bringing spiritual freedom to Christians around the world. We primarily offer personal ministry for deliverance from spiritual bondage affecting areas of the body, mind, will, and emotions.

Where is Lighthouse Baptist Church?

Lighthouse Baptist Church Of Panama City Florida. Lighthouse Baptist Church located in Panama City, Fla., is an Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible believing body of Christ, always striving to reach the local community with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ through his power, wisdom and love.

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