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Frequently Asked Questions

How many SHX fonts are available for Lightburn?

SHX Font Collection - LightBurn Software - LightBurn Software Forum Now we have SHX Fonts available I have put together 44 single line fonts into a folder. I’m happy to make the folder of fonts available (dropbox link) if this is allowed and if anyone wants them. Link to folder: https:/…

How do I add shx files to Lightburn?

Once you have SHX files downloaded, LightBurn must be told where they are. In the Font Settings dialog, click on "Set SHX Font Path" and choose the directory where your SHX files are located. It will not show the files as it is merely a directory chooser.

How do I add a font to Lightburn?

Not sure how Mac or Linux does it. LightBurn uses whatever fonts are installed on your operating system, and it works this way for all supported systems. On Windows, if you have downloaded a font, you typically just right-click it and choose “Install”.

Can curcurved text be used with Lightburn?

Curved text and text on a path will still automatically weld, and can be used with the Variable Text feature as well. LightBurn also supports the use of SHX font files which are an old AutoDesk font format, mainly intended for use with CNC machines.

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