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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lightburn camera and how does it work?

A LightBurn Camera, which works in conjunction with LightBurn software, will allow you to position projects on your material, trace artwork from the bed of your laser, and provide some monitoring for your laser. Watch this video showing benefits of the LightBurn Camera.

How do I mount a laser camera to Lightburn?

Start LightBurn. Click on Help->Camera Selection Help from the top menu. LightBurn will then display all the available cameras. Look in the column Minimum Mounting Height. Go to your laser, and place a small block of wood or something reasonably flat on the bed.

What are the specs of the lightlightburn camera?

LightBurn Camera. 1 Sensor: OV5648 1/4 Inch CMOS. 2 Focus: Manual. 3 Object distance: 180mm. 4 Interface: USB 2.0. 5 Power: USB bus power (5V) 6 Sensitivity: 600mV/ (lux • s) 7 Pixel Size: 1.4x1.4um. 8 Maximum Image Transfer Rate: 2592*[email protected] 9 S/N Ratio: 34dB. 10 Dynamic Range: 67 dB.

Can I use Lightburn with a trocen controller?

The camera system also requires the use of Absolute Coords mode, so LightBurn can accurate position the work. If you use an older Trocen controller, they do not allow setting this mode from software, so you must change the working mode through the controller menu. The best choice of camera for a given machine depends on a couple factors:

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