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Frequently Asked Questions

Is threaded needle a good power weapon?

Threaded Needle will be a great Power weapon to have once you have the perks you want. Consider leaving it at home in PvP and focusing on the PvE god roll. A big thanks to for all listed perks available. Be sure to check out the Brass Attacks god roll guide and more in our Destiny 2 archives.

What are the recommended PvE perks for the threaded needle?

Below are the recommended PvE perks: Threaded Needled has low Handling and Stability, so you will want a perk that increases those two areas. Increased Magazine Size may be the way to go. Since Threaded Needle is a powerful weapon, you will want to have all the ammo available.

What is the threaded needle God roll in Destiny 2?

This Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle has made its debut in Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2. This Power weapon can pack a powerful punch with the right perks. This guide will tell you the recommended PvE and PvP perks for the Threaded Needle god roll in Destiny 2.

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