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Frequently Asked Questions

Does chroma Rush increase range?

Since Chroma Rush lacks in Range, you will be looking for a barrel that increases Range, so you can take down enemies from a greater distance. Increasing Range is still key in the second perk slot.

Is the chroma Rush God roll good in PvP?

Chroma Rush God Roll – PvP Chroma Rush is a formidable PvP weapon that has made its rounds in the Crucible since the beginning of Season of the Splicer. The perks Guardians are looking for are very similar to those of PvE. Below are the recommended PvP perks that make up the Chroma Rush god roll.

What is chroma rush in Destiny 2 season of the splicer?

Season of the Splicer in Destiny 2 has introduced more Legendary weapons to collect. One of those weapons is the brand-new Auto Rifle called Chroma Rush. With the right perks, Chroma Rush will help get the job done. This guide will show you the recommended perks that make up the Chroma Rush god roll.

What's the best way to use chroma Rush?

Increasing Range is the best option since Chroma Rush lacks in it. The further away you can hit the opposing enemy the better. Range is the only way to go in the second perk slot. While hip-firing is an option, aiming down sights and tracking your enemy is a great option as well. One perk will help with that.

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