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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of glass making in Lausitz?

Over the years the Lausitz region developed into one of the most important glass making regions in Europe. In 1889 for the first time the »Oberlausitzer Glaswerke J. Schweig and Co.« produced hollow glass. The plant in Weißwasser lived through the eventful history of Germany under different names.

Why Stölzle Lausitz glasses?

When high-tech is expressed in beauty something irresistible is created. As is the case with glasses by Stölzle Lausitz. 128 years of know-how flowed into the making of each wine or champagne glass, in each mug, tumbler and pitcher.

What is the percentage of lead in a Lausitzer crystal vase?

WOW!VINTAGE LAUSITZER GLAS CRYSTAL VASE.RED CUT TO CLEAR. GERMANY. 24%. STICKER Lausitzer (Germany) 24% Lead Crystal, Hand Cut 10" Vase w/ Optic Design, Unique!

What is the history of glassblowing in Switzerland?

Discover the diversity of our collections. A certificate from 1433 is the first record of a glass blowing hut in Lausitz. It states that the glasswork produced a greenish or brownish »wood glass«. The area was rich in quartz sand, limestone, clay, and wood.

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