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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if LastPass gets hacked?

LastPass was hacked in July 2015. The goal of the attack was to get access to the password vaults Fortunately, even though the attackers got in to LastPass servers, they could not steal user passwords.

Will LastPass work with Microsoft Edge?

How it works. The LastPass extension enables quick access to the LastPass password vault within Microsoft Edge. As you browse, LastPass will autofill passwords saved in your vault, and new accounts can promptly be added to the vault without navigating away from the current page.

Is LastPass free?

For these reasons, we rely on a freemium business model: all basic features of LastPass are completely free, but advanced features such as Emergency Access and One-to-Many sharing are part of LastPass Premium which can be purchased for a modest fee of $2 per month; billed annually.

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