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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Klein Tools still in business?

Since 1857, Klein Tools has been manufacturing tools in America, and it’s as important for the Klein family to keep that tradition now, as it was more than 150 years ago. You see, Klein isn’t just the name of our company; it’s also our family name, so we have to be proud of everything we make.

What does Klein mean in English?

Etymology. From Middle High German klein, kleine, from Old High German kleini, from Proto-Germanic *klainiz (“shining, fine, splendid, tender”), from Proto-Indo-European *g(e)lēi- (“gleaming”), from Proto-Indo-European *gel- (“to gleam”). Cognate with Dutch klein and English clean .

What is Klein AUV-Mako?

The Klein AUV-MAKO is a dry payload seamless imaging system (sensor) consisting of a µ-Engine, set of focused 600kHz Side Scan Arrays and a µ-MAX Nadir Imaging Nose Array. Rated to 3000 m or 6000 m depth, the UUV 3500 deep easily integrates into various sized AUV platforms in addition to ROV, submarine, and tow-sled installations.

Is it hard to believe may is already here at Klein ISD?

And through it all, like the best of families, the Klein Family... Dear Klein ISD Family, It’s hard to believe that May is already here, and I continue to be so grateful for the way our Klein Family has worked together to make this a successful year for our kids a... Update from Dr. McGown – Forward to the best yet!

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