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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaiju universe?

Kaiju are the creatures that players will use to destroy buildings and battling other kaiju. Players can purchase different kaiju using the main currency of Kaiju Universe, G-Cells. Some kaiju may require another specific kaiju, sometimes to be a specific level, and sometimes doing something out of game.

How do you unlock kaiju in Roblox kaiju universe?

Most of the time, Kaijus in Roblox Kaiju Universe are bought with G-Cells or unlocked with Robux. However, there’s one Kaiju that’s unlockable through a quest for free: Voodon and Juju — Voodon for short. Voodon is a strong, capable Kaiju with seven powerful abilities. When all seven Roblox Kaiju Universe trinkets are collected, Voodon is unlocked.

How do you use a kaiju in Robux?

Roars can be used with either the R or T key, and attacks can be used using the number keys, which depend on the number of attacks a kaiju has. Utility functions are usually accessible with the V key, but can range depending on which kaiju it is. Gamepass kaiju are kaiju that can be purchased in the shop for Robux.

Are there expired codes for kaiju universe?

There are no expired codes for Kaiju Universe. Here's everything you need to know regarding Kaiju Universe codes and those dangerous monsters that roam the world. Redeeming codes in Kaiju Universe is currently not possible, but there is a code button in the game. In the game, select the Settings option. Scroll to the bottom of the menu.

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