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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the kaiju universe wiki?

Welcome to the Kaiju Universe Wiki! Welcome to the unofficial Kaiju Universe wiki! This is a collaborative community of both editors and players of the Roblox experience, Kaiju Universe. Anyone is welcome to join and help grow and expand this wiki and it's community!

How do you unlock kaiju in Kaiju universe?

In Kaiju Universe, there many different kaiju that can be unlocked in different ways. Kaiju are the creatures that players will use to destroy buildings and battling other kaiju. Players can purchase different kaiju using the main currency of Kaiju Universe, G-Cells.

What's new in Kaiju?

Completely new beams for a lot of kaijus (with more coming), courtesy of Poyo! Added detection for autoclicking programs. They are considered 3rd party software and are bannable as per our rules. Pulses no longer give rewards on buildings until you have met certain criteria. Fixed issue where hitting yourself with finger missiles gave you rewards

How many Kaijus are there?

The gamepasses descriptions tease a total of 13 kaijus coming in the future, however, from all these 13 only 6 are being worked on. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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