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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an orange lightsaber represent?

An orange lightsaber also represents “light”, but it has no effect on darkness. So it is a good idea to have one when traveling in the dark. Jedi lightsabers, on the other hand, are more effective when combined with other lightsabers, such as the green ones.

How rare are orange lightsabers?

Orange lightsabers are rare in the universe, as very few Jedi Masters even exist. If an orange lightsaber is used by a Sith Lord or apprentice, it represents great power and leadership abilities.

Where can you find orange lightsabers in the Star Wars universe?

An orange lightsaber is an extremely rare lightsaber blade color in Star Wars Canon, only appearing in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019) as one of the blade color options. The Mandalorian Knights, an Old Republic era group of rogue Jedi, wield orange lightsabers in Star Wars Legends.

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