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Who is the deuteragonist in murder drones?

~ N to Uzi in the end of the pilot. Serial Designation N, or simply N, is the deuteragonist in Murder Drones. N is a Disassembly Drone who is being looked down by his co-workers for being useless, N later befriends with Uzi Doorman and joins her in her plans, which includes eliminating the human race.

Who is serial designation N in murder drones?

Serial Designation N, commonly known as N, is the deuteragonist of the Glitch Productions web series Murder Drones. He is a kind Murder Drone with the attitude of wanting to get the job done, but he is oftentimes told by his co-workers that he is useless and terrible, and barely gets respect. He was a member of J's squad.

Are the murder drones older than the worker drones?

The murder drones are probably way older than the worker drones, since they were manufactured before the humans left, but we can see worker drones as teens implying they age in some way plus I’m 90% sure there’s a picture with a baby Uzi or at least a younger one which means the worker drones were likely born after humans left.

Are humans extinct in murder drones?

That humans are extinct or rare in the universe of Murder Drones has a similarity to the universe of Splatoon franchise by Nintendo. In Splatoon universe; there are no more humans, only the marine animal hybrids such as Inklings, Octolings, and other unnamed species.

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