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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does the sun rotate on its axis?

On average, the sun rotates on its axis once every 27 days. However, its equator spins the fastest and takes about 24 days to rotate, while the poles take more than 30 days. The inner parts of the sun also spin faster than the outer layers, according to NASA.

How fast does the Earth rotate around the Sun?

In addition to the rotational speed of the Earth spinning on its axis, the planet is also speeding at about 66,660 miles per hour (107,278.87 km/h) in its revolution around the sun once every 365.2425 days.

Does the sun's rotation speed vary depending on location?

No it does not. The Sun does rotate, but it does not rotate like the Earth. That's because, despite its fluid centre and atmosphere, the Earth rotates (more or less) like a rigid body, all of it rotating at (again: more or less) the same speed. 1 day is 24 hours, no matter where on (or in) the Earth you are.

How fast does the sun rotate at its equator?

The Sun actually spins faster at its equator than at its poles. At the surface, the area around the equator rotates once about every 24 days. The Sun’s north and south poles rotate more slowly. It can take those areas more than 30 days to complete one rotation.

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