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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does the Moon travel in orbit?

The moon orbits Earth at an average speed of 2,288 miles per hour (3,683 kilometers per hour). The Moon travels at different speeds during different parts of its orbit. It moves slowest (about 3450km/hr) when it is at furthest distance from Earth (apogee). The Moon moves fastest (about 3900 km/hr) in its orbit when it is closest to Earth (perigee).

How do you calculate orbital speed?

The orbital speed can be found using v = SQRT (G*M/R). The R value (radius of orbit) is the earth’s radius plus the height above the earth – in this case, 6.59 x 106 m. Substituting and solving yields a speed of 7780 m/s. What is the sun orbiting? The sun revolves around the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

How much of its orbit does the Moon Complete in one Earth Day?

The Moon orbits Earth in the prograde direction and completes one revolution relative to the Vernal Equinox and the stars in about 27.32 days (a tropical month and sidereal month) and one revolution relative to the Sun in about 29.53 days (a synodic month).

What is the orbital velocity of the Moon?

With a mean orbital velocity of 1.022 km/s (0.635 miles/s), the Moon covers a distance approximately its diameter, or about half a degree on the celestial sphere, each hour. The Moon differs from most satellites of other planets in that its orbit is close to the ecliptic plane instead of to its primary's (in this case, Earth's) equatorial plane.

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