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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent sugar from crystallising?

There are a couple of things you can do to prevent sugar crystallising. You can add some glucose syrup, or you can 'invert' the sugar by adding some acid, namely cream of tartar. Both should be readily available, online if not at your supermarket. Cream of tartar is also useful when making meringue. Doh!

How do sugar crystals form?

This bond is very stable and is what forms the sugar crystals. When sugar is combined with water and heat is applied a solution known as a simple syrup is formed. As the temperature of the sugar rises, more water evaporates off resulting in a higher concentration of sugar in the solution.

What is crystallization of sugar solution?

Crystallizing the sugar solution is required for manufacturing icings, frostings, or sweets such as fondant and fudge. Nuclei must develop in the fluid before crystallization can begin. Crystals are formed by adding solution material to these nuclei.

How does cooling sugar syrup affect crystallization?

Chilling sugar syrups to a specific temperature promotes crystallization, whereas cooling to a lower temperature inhibits it. Because the viscosity of a saturated sugar solution increases when the temperature drops below 70°C, crystal formation slows as well.

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