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Frequently Asked Questions

What is glossitis of tongue?

Glossitis refers to inflammation of the tongue. The condition causes the tongue to swell in size, change in color, and develop a different appearance on the surface. The tongue is the small, muscular organ in the mouth that helps you chew and swallow food. It also helps with your speech.

What is the difference between acute and chronic glossitis?

Acute glossitis is an inflammation of the tongue that appears suddenly and often has severe symptoms. This type of glossitis typically develops during an allergic reaction. Chronic glossitis is an inflammation of the tongue that continues to recur. This type may begin as a symptom of another health condition.

How do I know if I have glossitis?

Glossitis Diagnosis. This condition is usually diagnosed by a physical examination conducted by a dentist or medical provider. A healthcare provider usually looks for signs like absence of Papillae or finger-like lumps on the tongue surface and inflammation of patches on tongue.

What is the best treatment for glossitis?

Treatment of Glossitis usually aims at reducing inflammation of the tongue. Corticosteroid medicines like Prednisone are used to reduce tongue swelling. Mild cases of this condition are treated with topical applications that help patients avoid side effect that arise from injected or swallowed corticosteroids.

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