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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of glossitis?

Common symptoms of glossitis include: 1 a swollen tongue 2 pain in the tongue 3 burning or itching in the tongue 4 change in the texture of the surface of the tongue due to the change in the size and shape of papillae 5 different color of the tongue’s surface 6 loss of ability to speak or eat properly 7 difficulty swallowing More ...

What is atrophic glossitis (Hunter glossitis)?

Atrophic glossitis, also known as Hunter glossitis, occurs when many papillae are lost. This results in changes in the tongue’s color and texture. This type of glossitis typically gives the tongue a glossy appearance. What causes glossitis? A few factors can cause inflammation of the tongue, including:

What is the difference between acute and chronic glossitis?

Acute glossitis is an inflammation of the tongue that appears suddenly and often has severe symptoms. This type of glossitis typically develops during an allergic reaction. Chronic glossitis is an inflammation of the tongue that continues to recur. This type may begin as a symptom of another health condition.

What is the prevalence of glossitis in the US?

One review reported overall prevalence ranges of 0.1–14.3% for geographic tongue, 1.3–9.0% for "atrophy tongue" (atrophic glossitis), and 0.0–3.35% for median rhomboid glossitis. ^ "Glossitis: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia". Retrieved 26 April 2019.

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