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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GG?

Delivery, Shuttle, Cargo ... gg is your ultimate way of getting reliable ride and transportation in Russia, Georgia and Armenia. Request a ride with a tap of button and the partner will pick you up within 5 minutes.

Why buy a domain name with the abbreviation GG?

It’s an obvious fit for people who live or do business on this small island in the English Channel, but there’s another big reason to buy .gg — it’s a well-known acronym in the English language for “good game.” That makes the .gg domain name a perfect pick if your main reason for being online is playing hard.

Why do people say ‘gg’ in online games?

As online games — especially StarCraft — started gaining popularity in the ‘90s, proper etiquette between players was also established. One of the unwritten rules for online gamers was that at the end of the match, you should type “GG” in the chat to indicate that your opponent had played well.

Do you say “gg” or “ GGWP”?

In fact, “GGWP” (good game, well played) also became a popular shorthand. People still use “GG” in plenty of games today, and it has crossed the threshold into non-gamer parlance as well. Depending on the types (and ages) of people you spend time with, you may have even heard people say it in real life.

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