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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was George Lopez's mom?

Affleck was spotted with Lopez's mom, Guadalupe Rodriguez , at the Wynn last week. A hotel spokeswoman has confirmed he was at the hotel last week. Affleck is directing and starring in a yet-untitled movie.

Who played Angies mom on the George Lopez show?

The part of Emilina is played by Sonia Braga . Emilina Palmero is the deceased mother of Angie, Gloria and Ray. She is the ex-wife of Vic Palmero. She is the mother-in-law of George Lopez (character) and ex-mother-in-law of Claudia Palmero and Richard.

How old is Angie from George Lopez?

Her current age would be 45 years of age. On the ABC-TV series George Lopez, Angie is played by Constance Marie.

Who is George Lopez mother?

Benita "Benny" Diaz Lopez (Belita Moreno) is George and Linda's mother and Angie's mother-in-law; a wise-cracking, outspoken, insensitive alcoholic who was responsible for George's frequently-mentioned traumatic childhood.

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