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Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays the wife on George Lopez?

George Lopez (TV series) George Lopez (2002–2007) was an American sitcom starring comedian George Lopez. The show is focused on the Lopez family, including his wife Angie Lopez played by Constance Marie, and their two kids.

What is George Lopez real name?

Benita "Benny" Lopez (nee Diaz) is the bitter, emotionally abusive mother of George Lopez. Her current age would be approximately about 71 years old if she existed in real life. She is played on George Lopez by Belita Moreno.

Who played Jason on George Lopez?

Bryan Fisher (born August 1, 1980) is a British-American actor who is best known for his role as Jason McNamara, Carmen's boyfriend in George Lopez. He has also guest starred in many other shows such as The Invisible Man, The Chronicle, and also starred in the 2006 TV movie Jekyll + Hyde.

Who plays Max on George Lopez?

Luis Armand Garcia (born March 9, 1992) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Max Lopez on the sitcom George Lopez. Garcia made his debut in 2000, appearing in episodes for ER and Any Day Now. He later began starring in many national commercials, such as for Chevrolet.

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