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Frequently Asked Questions

How are rubber gaskets made?

Gaskets created from rubber come to the factory as large flat pieces of material, often times rubber. This raw material is called a “bun”. Upon delivery, the bun is in a large, flat pad.

What is Cork and rubber gasket made of?

Combining cork with rubber (e.g., nitrile or neoprene) produces a gasket material that is also resistant to fuels, oils, and solvents. Electrical insulation refers to materials used in electrical applications for their lack of electrical conductivity.

What materials are used to make sheet gaskets?

Material examples are mineral, carbon or synthetic rubbers such as EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, Natural, SBR Insertion - each of which have unique properties suitable for different applications. Applications using sheet gaskets involve acids, corrosive chemicals, steam or mild caustics.

What type of gasket is used in a car engine?

Metal sandwich type gasket is made of either copper and asbestos or steel and asbestos. It is mainly used on passenger cars and trucks. Embossed steel or shim type gasket is generally used on I-head engine.

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