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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Lightning McQueen meme come from?

It began spreading in 2016 as an ironic punchline in image macros on Facebook, iFunny and Reddit. In Disney/Pixar's 2006 film Cars, protagonist Lightning McQueen is a cocky and popular rookie racer in a world of anthropomorphic cars.

What is Lightning McQueen's catchphrase?

Lightning McQueen's "Ka-Chow" is the catchphrase of the character Lightning McQueen from the 2006 Disney and Pixar film Cars.

Are Kachow Crocs coming back to Lightning McQueen?

Lightningmcqueen memes. Best Collection of funny Lightningmcqueen pictures on iFunny For Lightning McQueen day, crocs is bringing back the kachow crocs! This time through a draw to avoid scalpers PIXAR ENTER THE DRAWING for a chance to purchase - ENTRIES ACCEPTED 9.05.21 12PM ET - 9.09.21 11AM ET ENTER NOW KA-CHOW!

What kind of Shoes does Lightning McQueen wear?

28/04/2021 · Lightning McQueen Crocs refers to a pair of shoes made by the Crocs company made in the likeness of the protagonist from Pixar’s Cars, Lightning McQueen. Though they were introduced as shoes for children, their surprising popularity among adults made them a hot item.

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