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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zoom study room?

A zoom study room is a virtual space where fellow students can meet with their professors and classmates to discuss course material,ask questions, and complete assignments. It’s a great way to get the benefits of a traditional classroom setting while taking advantage of the flexibility offered by online learning. Start A Study Room Now

How do I use focus mode in Zoom?

Besides the desktop client and mobile apps, focus mode can also be initiated from a Zoom Room . The Focus mode feature is not available in breakout rooms. Only the main session will support focus mode. Start a meeting as the host or co-host. Click More on the meeting toolbar. Click Start Focus Mode.

Why do we study together on Zoom?

Study together on Zoom Studying together (on Zoom) is a game-changer Psychology science suggests that we are more likely to be motivated and stay focused on our studies when we see other people doing the same or if we are being watched ourselves. Join Zoom study meeting 500.000 Happy users

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