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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fun festival?

Fun Fun Fun Fest (often abbreviated as "FFF" or "F3F") was an annual music and comedy festival held in Austin, Texas. The festival was the only genre based festival in the United States, featuring stages that focus specifically on hip-hop / electronica, indie rock, punk / metal, and comedy.

What festivals are in Italy?

Festivals and events in Italy. The most famous celebration is Venice Carnival, which has a decadent history, although the current event is a reborn tourist attraction. Venice is full of visitors in elaborate fancy dress, with public catwalk parades and private masked balls. Another large Carnival event takes place in Viareggio, Tuscany, with a procession of elaborate floats.

What are the festivals in Ohio?

About Festivals in Ohio. Ohio Renaissance Festival is a medieval medley of jousting, juggling, music and mayhem. For almost two months, attendees can live the lives of medieval knights, kings, princesses and paupers. Entertainment at the festival includes fire shows, traditional music, duelling swordsmen, magic, comedy and traditional dance –...

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