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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we make our Bracketology predictions?

Here we plan to prep you for everything that will take place during March Madness! To come up with our bracketology predictions, we use a combination of variables including our own NCAA college basketball ratings, RPI, strength of schedule (SOS), and few other factors to come up with the Bracket Rating.

Who is the No 1 seed in NCAA Tournament Bracketology?

Bracketology: Michigan State, Duke, Kentucky and Kansas are No. 1 seeds in early NCAA Tournament bracket prediction. NCAA championship: Virginia becomes fifth different ACC program to win national title in basketball.

What are the Experts'Final Four picks for 2022?

Here are our experts' picks to reach the 2022 Final Four with links to their full bracket analysis. Elliott Pohnl: Texas Tech, Purdue, Arizona, Auburn Vinnie Iyer: Gonzaga, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas The Sporting News' experts are also breaking down individual game matchups to help make sense of the biggest toss-ups across your bracket.

What is Bracketology for the NIT Tournament?

For the hardcore college basketball fan, we have now introduced bracketology for the NIT tournament (otherwise known as NITology). The NIT takes the next 32 best teams that did not make the NCAA tournament. All regular season champions that did not win their conference tournament automatically qualify for the National Invitation Tournament (NIT).

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