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Frequently Asked Questions

What is et cetera?

Definition of etcetera. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a number of unspecified additional persons or things. 2 etceteras plural : unspecified additional items : odds and ends. et cetera. Latin phrase. et cet·​era | \ et-ˈse-tə-rə , -ˈse-trə also it-, nonstandard ek-, nonstandard ik- \. Definition of et cetera (Entry 2 of 2)

What does etcetera mean?

Etcetera is defined as an unspecified number of additional things or people. The single word was first used in 1957 as a noun in American English as a modification of the Latin phrase. Just like the Latin phrase, etcetera is used at the end of a list to symbolize that there is more than what is being included.

Why do you put a comma before et cetera?

Because et means and, the phrase and et cetera is redundant. Et cetera refers to things. Et al. refers to people. Treat etc. as you would the phrase and the rest. When it comes at the end of a list, put a comma before it if you use the serial comma and don’t if you don’t use the serial comma.

Is it redundant to use and in et cetera?

" Since the "et" in "et cetera" already means "and," it would be redundant to use the phrase "and etc." because you'll really be saying, "and and the rest." Make sure to avoid using "and" when using "etc." Do not use "etc. " if you're discussing a specific list of items that are needed and not anything more.

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