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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Edison Electric Pen Work?

Read more The Edison Electric Pen, driven by a wet-cell battery, was designed to create manuscript stencils for manifold copies. It worked with a vibrating stylus, like a tattooist's needle, which impressed minute perforations in a special wax-coated paper.

What was the first electric pen?

An expanded version of the print article may be viewed on the IEEE website.. Thomas Edison’s electric pen is generally accepted to have been the first electric motor driven appliance produced and sold in the United States. It was developed as an offshoot of Edison’s telegraphy research.

How does an electric pen work?

The hand-held electric pen was powered by a wet cell battery, which was wired to an electric motor mounted on top of a pen-like shaft. The motor drove a reciprocating needle which, according to the manual, could make 50 punctures per second, or 3,000 per minute.

How many Edison pens were sold?

It is said that roughly 60,000 pens were sold throughout its commercial lifespan in total; however, this number is likely to be made up by Edison in order to give the product more publicity. The major drawback to Edison’s electric pen was its wet cell battery, which had to be taken care of and maintained by experienced telegraphists.

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