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Frequently Asked Questions

What color is the discord logo?

© Provided by Dot Esports Seeming to be blue in the eyes of some and purple in the eyes of others, the Discord logo, which can be referred to as Clyde, comes in color combinations that include black, white, and a bluish-purplish color.

What color code is discord dark mode?

Discord desktop dark theme color palette created by owenwastaken that consists #202225,#292b2f,#2f3136,#40444b,#40444b colors.

How do I black out text in discord?

How Do I Black Out Text In Discord? To cover or hide your text in Discord, you’ll have to put “||” at the beginning and end of your desired text. For example, if you type || Good Morning||, the text will be displayed covered in a long black rectangle on your screen.

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