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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you carry someone who is injured?

Get in position by kneeling on either side of the injured person. It may be easier, safer, and more comfortable for the injured person to lift them by creating a seat with your and your partner's arms. If you're carrying someone who's able to move into a seated position, make a seat for them. You can do so with 2 hands or 4 hands.

How do you carry an unconscious person?

This carry is easiest if the person you’re rescuing is conscious, but you can also do it with an unconscious person if you need to quickly and easily drag them out of harm’s way. Crouch on either side of the person’s chest. Stand next to the injured person on one side, and have your partner stand facing you on the other side.

What is the best way to carry a victim?

The most safe and efficient way to carry a victim is by two rescuers. The rescuers can share the weight, help each other watch for hazards, and work together efficiently without crowding too many people around the victim. It also reduces rescuer fatigue, which allows the rescuers to cover a greater distance or to return to aid more victims.

How do you transport a victim with two hands?

transport. 1. Position the hands as indicted in the graphic. 2. Lower the seat and allow the victim to sit. 3. Lower the seat using your legs, not your back. 4. When the victim is in place, stand using your legs, keeping your back straight. TWO-HANDED SEAT This technique is for carrying a victim longer distances.

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