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Frequently Asked Questions

How many words are in the Webster Dictionary?

Similarly, there are twelve different words with the spelling "post" entered in Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged; they all have different parts of speech or derivations.

What is the best dictionary?

If you are a beginner, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is undoubtedly the best, because the meanings of the words are explained using the simplest words possible. This makes the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, the best choice for those who are learning English, or are in the initial stages of learning.

What is a Webster's Dictionary?

Webster's Dictionary is any of the English language dictionaries edited in the early 19th century by American lexicographer Noah Webster (1758-1843), as well as numerous related or unrelated dictionaries that have adopted the Webster's name in honor. "Webster's" has since become a genericized trademark in the United States for English dictionaries, and is widely used in dictionary titles.

What is the definition of Webster?

The name Webster is of English origin. The meaning of Webster is "weaver". Webster is generally used as a boy's name.

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