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Frequently Asked Questions

When to euthanize a dog with Cushing's disease?

When to put down a dog with Cushing’s disease is predominantly up to the dog owner but may be prompted by other underlying issues. When the cost of medication of the dog gets too high and becomes unbearable, due to constant veterinary check-ups and medication, one may opt to euthanize the dog to spare the owner from incurring more cost.

Does Anyones dog have Cushings disease?

While any dog (or cat) can contract Cushing’s, the disease is most common in middle- to older-aged dogs. Certain breeds are also at higher risk, including beagles, Boston terriers, dachshunds, German shepherds and poodles. Symptoms of Cushing’s disease in dogs

How to diagnose Cushing's in dogs?

Veterinarians use blood tests to diagnose Cushing's and to differentiate between disease caused by the pituitary or the adrenals. They may also use an ultrasound to help detect a tumor on an adrenal gland. Cushing's disease typically occurs in middle-aged to older dogs. The disease develops slowly and the early signs are not always noticed.

Can dogs live with Cushing's disease?

How long can Dogs live with Cushing’s Disease? A dog with Cushing’s disease can live for many years. Most dogs will live normal lifespans with this disease.

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