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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CLEP stand for?

What Is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)? CLEP stands for the College Level Examination Program, a program that enables students to earn college credit for introductory-level courses by achieving satisfactory scores on subject-specific tests.

Is CLEP worth it?

The CLEP exams do cost $89 per test and some testing centers have additional fees as well. However, if you compare that to the average college class that costs approximately $1,677 that is a huge saving. Fifteen CLEP exam credits can save a student nearly $5,000 at a public college and $17,000 at a private college. That is a huge saving!

How much does CLEP cost?

The price of the CLEP test costs $77, and this cost is set by The College Board. It is possible for a student to save hundreds of dollars on tuition, student fees, and textbook charges if he covers the CLEP exam and thus skips some courses.

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