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Frequently Asked Questions

What does hibernation mean to chipmunks?

Chipmunks are not true hibernators but they do enter states of torpor. Chipmunks retreat to their burrows and enter a hibernation type state but wake up every few days to eat and defecate. So, instead of hibernating, you can term chipmunks as 'light sleepers' . Of course, this brings up another question: How do chipmunks survive in winter?

When do Chipmunks start hibernating?

Chipmunks are most active during early morning and late after noon. The entrance to their burrow is usually well hidden. ... With the onset of cold weather, chipmunks enter a restless hibernation and are inactive from late fall through the winter months.

Do chipmunks hibernate all winter?

Unlike true hibernators, chipmunks don't sleep all winter. Their state is more of a dormancy, rather than true hibernation, because they wake often. True hibernators store layers of fat before winter sets in, and their bodies use the fat for sustenance the creatures sleep.

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