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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find pesticide labels on the CDMS?

When you arrive on the CDMS website, click the ‘label database’ in the menu bar. From here, there are three ways to access pesticide labels (Figure 1): Use the product search bar to look up pesticide labels by the trade name of the product (i.e. Spartan, Roundup).

What is CDMS label Search Premier?

1.5 "CDMS LABEL SEARCH PREMIER" or "Web Service" shall refer to CDMS's proprietary commercially available computer application and searchable database CDMS LABEL SEARCH PREMIER.

What is the best SDS database for pesticide labels?

Greenbook Label and SDS Database - Greenbook. This database provides access to the label and SDS for many agricultural pesticide products. CDMS Label and SDS Database - Crop Data Management System, Inc. This collection includes product labels and SDSs for agricultural pesticide products.

What are the warranties of CDMS?

2.2 No Warranties. CDMS makes no promise or warranty about the continuousness of service.

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