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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 2021 NCAA championship brackets?

2021 NCAA Bracket First Round Second Round Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final Four Final Four Elite 8 Sweet 16 Second Round First Round First Four National Championship Indianapolis, IN National Championship Baylor 1Gonzaga98 16Norfolk St.55 1Gonzaga87

Does CBS Sports have a printable final four bracket?

Luckily, we at CBS Sports have you covered for that. Our printable bracket, which updated after the field was announced all the way through the Final Four, lives on with a completed version available. Plus: If you'd like a live bracket with the teams filled in, you can find that right here .

Can I use bracket 2 without the NCAA's written permission?

No commercial use without the NCAA's written permission. Tennessee **Bracket 2 will be necessary if the winner of Game 10 also wins Game 12. If it is the only game scheduled for that

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